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Twelve Keys Gin


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Twelve Keys classic London Dry Gin balances twelve carefully chosen botanicals with an infusion of rich honey harvested from their very own hives and wildflower meadow in Norfolk and combines them with succulent fig, caramelised quince, resinous juniper, verdant basil and ripe apricot to produce a unique classic London Dry Gin.

46% ABV

70 cl Bottle

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The twelve botanicals in Twelve Keys Gin offer great promise, flavour wise and they offer something entirely unusual to the gin world.  Juniper, cinnamon, orris and angelica anchor the gin into some sort of normality, but frankincense, caraway seeds and gentian root bring a hint of something unusual, whilst honey, basil, apricots, quince and figs shed a whole new light on the Gin category, promising rich fruits and dense, indulgent flavours. The reasoning behind the twelve ingredients were not solely based on flavour either. They are divided into four equal quarters, each of which follows the journey of alchemy itself. The quarters are linked to Bacchus (the God of wine and moist fruits), Persia (the home of advanced distillation and alchemy), early medicinal scripture of the Benedictine monks and – finally – the ritualistic use of juniper during the era of Cathar priests. The idea for each quadrant and each set of botanicals, from base to top note, was to draw inspiration from every stage of distilling’s evolution, and imbue this into the conceptual and intellectual underpinnings of Twelve Keys Gin.

Taking its inspiration from early alchemists and the history of distillation, Twelve Keys Dry Gin delivers fresh notes of caraway and fennel, delicate spice from frankincense and cinnamon and subtle earthy undertones of gentian and orris root, to create a full, distinct flavour.

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